Bruschetta Chicken

I got home from Florida early Saturday so that afternoon my mom and I tried a new dinner recipe. I’d found it on Pinterest and it was called bruschetta chicken. The recipe sounded yummy and simple and had received good reviews, so we decided to go for it!

While making it, we both were uneasy about how things were seeming to turn out. The sauce looked too liquidy and the chicken seemed like it was going to be bland, but we kept cooking.

In the end, though, it turned out really well! This was a simple and relatively healthy recipe that we will definitely use again.

Here is the recipe we used from Amazing Pinterest World. We did make a couple of adaptations, though. First, we added more balsamic vinaigrette to the sauce. Second, we covered the dish in the oven in order for the veggies to be cooked more thoroughly. We served the meal with brown rice and whole grain bread (warmed)! Yum!




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