Grandma Approved Movies

I’ve been with my grandma this week and I love spending time with her. She is so sweet and fun. One really fun thing to do with her (besides shopping and getting our nails done) is to watch movies.

There are tons of rally cute movies to watch with your grandma. There are also others that you probably wouldn’t want to watch with her because it would be, well…awkward. My sister went and saw one of the Sex and the City movies with my grandma and I think she felt uncomfortable. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t be watching something like Bridesmaids or The Hangover with my Grandma.

Anyways, here are some really cute, good grandma approved movies!:


  1. Sixteen Candles – This is a classic 80’s movie and such a good one! You and your grandma will both enjoy it for sure!
  2. Yours, Mine, & Ours – I love this movie! Something really fun to do with this one is watch the original version and then the newer one and see which you like better! I happen to like the original much better.
  3. Father of the Bride (both parts!) – this is another great family film that I can never get tired of!
  4. Princess Diaries (1 and 2) – a Disney film about a real life princess?! That has grandma-granddaughter written all over it! This film does feature a girl and her grandma, after all.
  5. The Game Plan – this movie is completely adorable and I could watch it again and again – and I don’t say that about many movies, believe me.
  6. Dear John (and all the Nicholas Sparks movies) – these are great movies because they’re so cute and also really appropriate while still centering around love. I saw Dear John in theaters with my grandma and we both loved it!
  7. Enchanted – this is my favorite movie ever and the most adorable fairy tale story about love that literally comes to life!

Get your popcorn and candy and enjoy a good feel-good film with your grandma whenever you can. You’ll have fun and make memories.


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