Preppy Product: Gym Motivation

I have really been needing more and more motivation to get to the gym lately. It’s actually kind of sad. The thing is that once I’m there I love being there and feel so great during and after my workout, but for some reason I’m so lazy about actually getting there.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about the gym when this is a product based blog post…I’m getting there!

So the motivation I need to go to the gym sometimes revolves around material things (sad, but…whatever). If I have cute workout clothes (monogrammed norts!) or something like that, I’m more excited to go. That’s where the product comes in…

I love these monogrammed water bottles! The Camelback ones are my favorite, as it is. They keep everything so nice and cold and are just relay sleek, clean, and convenient. And then, add a monogram, and they’re absolute perfection!



I love that Southern Sass Designs makes these because they’re so simple but so adorable that they actually bring joy to my life. Also, I love the option of having them made in your sorority letters! So cute!

And, guess what? I have an exclusive offer code that you can use to get them for a discount!

Use code PREPPYBLOG12 to get 10% off your purchase of $10 or more! The water bottles are on sale right now, so hurry up and get them and be motivated to stay hydrated and go to the gym! That is what I call a win-win-WIN!


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