A Guide to Carry On Packing

Packing is sometimes a difficult chore, and I find that many times in the past I couldn’t figure out what to put in my carry on bag versus what to put in my actual luggage.

With everyone getting ready for spring break getaways, I thought I’d break it down for you of what to bring in your carry on for your convenience. I think I have it down to a science, so here it goes:



This is the bulkiest list but all of these things are small. Please note to put anything liquid (I have marked them with an asterisk*) should go into a little Ziploc bag to put it through security.

  1. Bandaids – whether you need this for a blister or a paper cut, you just never know!
  2. Chapstick – what could be worse than chapped lips? Chapped lips while traveling!
  3. Lip gloss* – Everyone wants to look fabulous when they get to their destination, right?!
  4. Pocket pack of tissues – it is always so cold on airplanes so your nose might run, or you just might need somewhere to spit out your gum. Either way, have these with you!
  5. Lysol to Go* – Planes are dirty!
  6. Hand sanitizer* – I’ll say it again – planes are dirty!
  7. Oil blotting strips – After a long day of travel, your face might have some shine. Take that away in a second with these oil blotting strips.
  8. Nail file – I don’t know about you, but having a jagged nail bothers me so much. Don’t get stuck with one all day and bring your file just in case.
  9. Advil – If you’ve ever been stuck on a plane with a screaming baby, you understand why.
  10. Coverup – please see #3.



These are necessary for a productive and fun travel!

  1. Laptop – I would die without my laptop for a week! Have that in your carryon because you would never, ever want this to get lost with a checked bag.
  2. iPhone – duh
  3. iPhone and computer charger – you will definitely need these!
  4. Dvd – on my trip I’m planning on bringing the second Sex and the City movie to watch on my laptop during my flight. This is a good way to pass time on the plane or in the airport!

Paper goods:

paper goods

Definitely necessary for constant workers like me!

  1. Book – I am so looking forward to reading Jodi Picoult’s new book The Storyteller on my flight! Great way to pass the time.
  2. Planner – Could definitely not go a week without this! I need mine at all times.
  3. Pencil case with pen, pencil, and highlighter – I bring this everywhere, and incase I want to add notes/dates to my planner or jot down ideas on the flight, these are a must.
  4. Legal pad – just incase I want to jot down ideas or make an outline, etc.
  5. Post-it notes – for quick notes and reminders that I think of while traveling

The essentials:


Things to definitely not forget!:

  1. Wallet – a definite need for obvious reasons
  2. Cash – when traveling, it’s important to have at least some cash handy
  3. Credit card – also an obvious must
  4. ID – can’t get on the plane without it!
  5. Gum – nobody likes clogged ears on the plane!
  6. A snack – traveling can make a girl hungry!
  7. Plane ticket – it’s so much easier to print your boarding pass at home and skip the line! Tuck it into your carry on and have it handy at security and when boarding the plane without the hassle of getting it at the airport.

What do you pack in your carry on? Did I forget anything?


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