Books on my Shelf: The Wednesday Letters

I recently read a book I’ve had on my shelf for years but have never picked up. Or maybe I did pick it up, start it, then kind of…forget about it (which gives me major book abandonment guilt!).

Anyways, I read it last week (finally!) and really enjoyed it! It’s called The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. It was a simple but really sweet story that really got me thinking.

In the story, there are obviously weekly letters that are exchanged between two of the characters. I think this is a really sweet idea and I hope that one day I can do something like it with someone I love.

While this story is at times a little bit predictable, it’s still really a great read. I really grew to like the characters, although I wish that the author had made us more attached to some of them by the end.

The story progresses well and overall, this is a good, light read. If you’re looking for something sweet and easy, I highly recommend this book!

And as a side note, I really loved how the epilogue was in a little envelope in the back like a real letter! Such a fun little surprise!



One thought on “Books on my Shelf: The Wednesday Letters

  1. I was surprised by the epilogue too. Thought it was a nice touch.
    Just started reading “The Wedding Letters,” a sequel. Not sure what to expect but I know I’ll enjoy it.


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