Words of the Week: The Little Things

Lately I feel like time has been moving so quickly – it’s crazy! Before we know it, the school year will be over, which is a really scary thought. Every day is filled with tons of work and assignments and running around, and it leaves little time to sit down and really think about life and the things that it is filled with. Like…the things that matter.

I was thinking, though, the other day, about all the great people and things I have in my life. I have an amazing family and friends that feel like family. There are so many people that I know would do absolutely anything for me, and not everyone is lucky enough to have that in their life.

As I was thinking about this, I began to think about the little things that make me smile. Recently my boyfriend randomly surprised me with an Edible Arrangement and it made me so happy. Things that are seemingly insignificant to the world but that are important to me are the things that make everyday life better and make me happy.

A fun phone call with my mom and sister. A nice text from my dad. A silly tweet from my boyfriend or a laugh filled with giggles with friends.

Those things are small and simple, but probably the best things in my life because they are raw and real and…nice. Think about the nice things people have done for you that have lifted you up and made you feel special, important, and – most importantly – happy.

No day is filled with all happiness all the time. But it’s the little things that get us from one smile to the next.

little things


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