Midterm Breaks to Boost Productivity

It’s midterm week and so many people here are busy and stressed out. I know that I have been spending a lot of time in my room, at my desk, studying. Sometimes I literally have to remind myself to relax my shoulders because sitting at my desk or in a study room they get so tense!

An important part of studying, though, is to take a little break from time to time! It’s proven that studying for too long actually plateaus your learning ability and at a certain point, your brain just stops absorbing information.

Try any (or some, or all!) of these study breaks to be happier and more productive:

midterm breaks

  1. A healthy break – head off for a run or to the gym to clear your head, be healthy, and learn more when you continue studying. Working out relieves stress and makes you feel good!
  2. A stress free break – do something that is proven to relax your mind like read a book for fun! Take a half an hour and read in bed or watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix.
  3. A glam break – take the time to paint your nails! You will feel better after and love the way you look!
  4. A shopping break – haven’t you ever heard of retail therapy?!?!?!
  5. A movie break – make some popcorn and watch your favorite movie to relax your mind and forget about your tests for a little bit!

As long as you budget your time correctly, you shouldn’t have any issue taking these breaks! They will be really beneficial to your studying and your life, believe me!

If you’re in a studying slump and looking for tips, here are some good ones for a more organized and productive study session!

Here are a few other favorite things I love to do during work breaks:


Talk on the phone with my mom/sister

Grab a cup of coffee

Catch up on PostSecrets

Chat with friends

Take a warm shower

Browse Pinterest

Take a cat nap

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