Blizzard Survival Kit

A few weeks ago, there was a huge blizzard here in Hamden. Like, seriously, I’ve never seen so much snow in Connecticut! It was crazy!

With 40 inches of snow in the ground, we were literally snowed into our dorms. I know that’s hard to believe, but you couldn’t even walk there was so much snow. Luckily I was staying at a friend’s dorm with some of my best friends. It was fun to be with them, but we all got a case of cabin fever.

At first I thought it would be fun to be snowed in. It was a great chance to relax, get a lot of work done, watch TV, and eat popcorn to some movies. It was definitely a good time, especially with my best friends. We had a lot of laughs and acted really silly. But, being stuck inside definitely got really old. I am someone who always likes to be busy and I was definitely going a little crazy trapped indoors.

The next time you’re going to be stuck inside from a snow storm, or for whatever reason, make sure you have things to make it less boring and more fun. Check out my version of a blizzard survival kit:


  1. Pajamas – you’re going to be doing a lot of lounging, you mine as well be comfy!
  2. Warm blankets – being snowed in means snuggle time!
  3. Snacks – you aren’t going to be able to slip out for food, so stock up on a ton of yummy snacks to keep you filled up! I recommend candy, something salty, and something with some substance.
  4. Good movies – during the blizzard, we watched Tower Heist which I thought was pretty good! Also, we watched Legally Blonde. Such an only but goody! Good movies are a must when stuck inside.
  5. Cards (and other games) – a good old card game is always fun! Perfect for the occasion.

Now that the snow is almost melted, I’m glad that the blizzard is over. But, at least if there’s ever another one I know exactly what to have ready for a fun and cozy time!


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