How to Resist Shopping

In January, I blogged about staying on a budget and how I wanted to be better with saving money in 2013.

I am really happy that I’ve actually been doing that, and have, in fact, done a pretty good job resisting shopping lately. It’s been really hard, especially since there are so many great online sales right now. But, I’ve used these tricks to resist them:

  1. Avoid promotions – don’t sign up for a million email services from stores that will send you the deals on a daily basis. When you see these deals, you’ll be inclined to shop and feel like it’s okay because you’re getting a deal. The problem is that all these little “deals” add up, and also you’re probably buying things that you don’t need simply because you feel the price is right.
  2. Look at your budget often – don’t just set a budget and then ignore it forever. Actively be looking at it and reminding yourself of it as much as possible in order to stay on track!
  3. Outline things you need – so often I buy things that I want but definitely don’t need. It’s funny how quickly you can forget that you already have five pink cardigans when you see a cute one on sale at Loft or Gap. But, when you’re shopping, keep a list in your bag of the things you absolutely need to buy and don’t deviate from it! Doing this is a good way to stay within your budget and avoid superfluous purchases.
  4. Pull out old stuff – dig deep in your closet for old clothes and accessories and make them new again! Feeling like you have new stuff that you didn’t have to spend money on will eliminate the need to buy new stuff.
  5. Buy one thing – each month, allow yourself to buy one thing you don’t necessarily need but want. It doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t!) be expensive. Buy something like a cute, small accessory that you’ve been wanting or a cute top you can’t stop thinking about. Make sure you only decide on this purchase at the end of the month after a lot of thought, not on an impulse! It should be something you’ve thought over and know you want instead of something you see on a rack and decide in that instant you need to have. Usually in those cases you end up realizing you don’t love it as much as you thought you did anyways!

How do you resist shopping? What are your best money saving tips?



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