Constant Obsessions

Recently blogged about my latest obsessions that had come about. While those obsessions were definitely fun and I am still obsessing over some of them, they are far from my constant obsessions.

There are simply some things that I’m always loving, always have, and probably always will!

There are actually a bunch of these things, but here are my favorite and the ones that I’m most obsessed with:

constant obsessions

  1. Bows – I. LOVE. BOWS. Big bows, little bows, bows on clothes, bows on bags, patterned bows, solid bows…whatever. I love them all and have quite the collection that will probably never stop growing.
  2. Bags – ever since I was little I’ve loved designer bags and have a large collection of them. There is always a bag I’m coveting and, not to brag, but I have the cutest bags. Ever. And I love them all. I’m a little too obsessed with bags, and every holiday vow that I’m not going to put one on my “want” list because I have enough. Needless to say, though, I always end up unwrapping one despite my silent vow.
  3. Chocolate – I have had a huge sweet tooth for chocolate for as long as I can remember. I love chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate icing – basically anything chocolate has my name written alllllll over it!
  4. Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee – I especially love coconut of this, but I’ll take almost any flavor. I really do run on Dunkin.
  5. Stationery – I am a huge stationery lover and literally have bins upon bins of it. I love sending hand written thank you notes and letters and think it is very important, and will probably never see the need to stop buying stationery.
  6. Navy blue and white – I have serious issues when it comes to this obsession, as when I’m shopping I tend to buy so much of this color combination. I love the nautical feel of it and how great it looks with gold. Definitely an all-time favorite!
  7. My laptop – I cannot live without my laptop and do almost everything on it. It’s actually sickening how much time I spend on it per day!

What are your constant obsessions that you’ll never outgrow?


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