Books on my Shelf: Leap Day

Happy Leap Day….

….kind of!

leap day

I mean, it’s not a Leap Year. But, technically, if it were, today would be Leap Day!

And in honor of (kind of) leap day, I wanted to tell you about this really cute book I read a long time ago.

It’s called Leap Day by Wendy Mass. I remember getting it to bring on a trip then my mom being mad at me because I ended up finishing it before we even left. It was that good!

It’s about a teen who’s birthday is on Leap Day and a year where she finally gets to celebrate it. She takes you through her birthday. It’s a simple story but a really good one. Definitely a YA read, but still worth checking out for fun!

On a side note, I’m wondering if my sister finally understands Leap Years/Days because I can remember us trying to explain it to her countless time and her looking at us so confused! She is too funny.

Happy Leap Day/Rabbit Rabbit!


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