As Seen on Pinterest: The Elephant in the Room

Every once and a while on Pinterest, the same animals keep popping up – kind of in waves. Sometimes it will be pigs, other times frogs – it changes. I mean, dogs are obviously always popular on there and I’m constantly pinning cute dog pictures. But other than that, there are all different types of animals. I remember once I was seeing so many raccoon pictures (which I thought was relay weird) and lately I’ve also noticed many deer pins.

But I’ve noticed on my personal boards many elephant pins.

I know, this seems really random, but elephants are actually really cool and have generated cute patterns, pins, and crafts! Check them out!


Love this bathing suit top!:


These pillows are super cute and unique:



Love these! Made out of scrapbook paper:


It’s a minky elephant!:


Baked goods:

How cute are these elephant cookies?



Love this elephant pattern! Pretty in pink!:


A beautiful resort…the white ELEPHANT!:

Nantucket Resort

What animals are you always pinning?


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