Latest Obsessions

As you’ve probably realized, I have so many obsessions. And while some of them are here to stay, some of them come in waves where I’m totally obsessed for a while and then, after a period of time, not so much. It’s kind of like all things in life, ya know?

Anyways, here are my latest small obsessions:


  1. Spa masks – this is so weird but I totally love these! They’re those masks that you put in the fridge and then put them on and they totally cool and soothe you. This is really relaxing and fun to wear and I’m totally loving mine right now!
  2. Jelly beans – yum! Although I’m not usually a jelly bean lover I got some from the cafeteria candy bar the other day and now have a mini-obsession with them! They’re colorful, sweet, and very yummy.
  3. Mystery/thriller reads – I blogged about this recently and have been completely hooked on mystery and thriller books. This definitely happens from time to time with my reading preferences and right now I’m in a mystery trend! I just can’t put those suspenseful books down!
  4. K-cup filter – I use my Keurig a lot, especially at school, and recently got a little filter for it so I can scoop in my own coffee, rather than always using a K-cup. This is so cool and definitely worth it! I drink things really slow, so many times leave a cup of coffee unfinished because it gets cold or something like that. This allows me to make a smaller cup of coffee and be less wasteful! Such a great idea, and it’s really easy to use!
  5. Pink nail polish – as I’m totally wishing for summer right now, I’m loving pink shades of polish. My two favorites (as of right now) are OPI’s “Sweetheart” and Essie’s “Knockout Pout”.

What are your obsessions this week? Everyone has them! Share yours!


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