Monday Getaway: Indoors…?

I was checking the weather online the other day and stumbled across this photo slideshow of an indoor, tropical beach resort (yes, I said indoor). At first, I thought…EW, that probably is gross and smells weird. But then, after looking at the picture slide show, I was totally intrigued. It actually looks really cool.

This is located in Germany, and I think this is one of the craziest ideas ever. Also, I’m wondering why no one has built one of these in the Northeast so that we can all escape the cold once in a while during the winter without having to jump on a plane. Not everyone has the time for a tropical vacation whenever they’re hating winter (for me that’s…every day!), but if you could drive to a beach resort like this it would be totally doable and a great escape with friends, family, or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Here’s the link to the slideshow I looked at and a peek of the resort below.

Isn’t it cool?!


Indoor Tropical Island

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