On the Go Cups

Coffee is a daily must, even when you’re on the go.

Something that I should have made one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to consciously not waste as much. I am always using disposable plates, utensils, bowls, and so on at school because it’s easier, but it creates a lot of garbage and a lot of waste.

One of the easiest ways (for me at least) to be less wasteful is to use a reusable “to-go” cup for coffee when I’m on the run to main campus, the library, sorority stuff, or class. I have a big Tervis Tumbler with the on the go cap and straw which makes it really fun to carry around, since it’s so cute. Having a cute cup will give you the incentive to use it every day and therefore be less wasteful.

Check out these cute to-go cups:


2 Preppy Girls Tervis Tumbler | Lilly Pulitzer Travel Cup | Preppy Monogrammed Gifts Mug | Jonathan Adler Travel Cup

Which would you pick?

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