Beauty Blitz: Back to Basics

As I’ve written about before, I am definitely not a big makeup wearer. And I’m definitely not good at doing makeup, at all. I have very limited skills.

That’s why, many days, I use many of the same products. Sometimes, when I’m just running around on errands, going to the library, or being kind of lazy, I just use basic products.

Here are my basic must-haves for getting ready on these lazy-days:


  1. Mascara – just plain black mascara to look like I have at least something on
  2. Bobby pins – necessary to tame my mane!
  3. Thin hair ties – again, necessary to tame my mane and pull my hair into some kind of acceptable style
  4. Chapstick – um, chapped lips are never acceptable, even on lazy days
  5. Vaseline – this actually has so many uses, from making your perfume last longer to combating dry skin to taming eyebrows. A beauty must!

What are the basic needs of your beauty routine when you’re dressing down?


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