Bananas for Bananas!

As everyone knows, I totally love to bake. It’s just one of my most favorite things to do to have fun, relax, and be happy.

One of my favorite things to bake with is bananas. I love the taste of them and find myself totally obsessed with banana baked goods.

I was in Indiana visiting my boyfriend over the weekend and had the most delicious banana and Nutella pancakes when we went out for brunch, which inspired me to do this post. They were so yummy, I can’t get over them!

I definitely have some favorite banana recipes. The best is this yummy banana pudding cake I make, which I found the recipe for over the summer. It is so delicious and I crave it just about…all the time.

I also love banana bread…both regular and chocolate! What could be better than warm banana bread?!

I am looking to try a bunch more banana recipes in the future, from banana cookies to my very own banana pancakes.

What are your favorite banana recipes?



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