Preppy Product: Queen of Preppy

Okay, so I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise, but I’m pretty Lilly Pulitzer obsessed.

This is definitely typical to a preppy girl. Lilly and preppy are pretty much synonymous. Lilly Pulitzer is, without a doubt, the Queen of Preppy.

Over Christmas and especially recently, I have been stocking up on Lilly products. I’ve always been a fan of the stuff (before it totally blew up…I have to say I don’t love how many non-preppy girls sport it like it’s their job, but whatever!). I mean, how could you not love the colorful nature of the adorable and, dare I say perfect, products?

For Christmas, I got a bunch of Lilly stuff. From portable speakers to winter accessories, all of it was completely adorable.

Also, I have recently purchased some really cute Lilly paper goods. I got folders, notebooks, wrapping paper, post-it notes, and even playing cards! Preppy perfection!

I also got a really cute beach bag (can’t wait to use it in Florida!) and a few other random things like an adorable caddy that can be used for so many organizational purposes! I love it all!

On my Lilly wish list: new clothes (duh!), the portable iPhone charger (too useful and adorable to pass up) and wedges!

What are your favorite Lilly products? What’s on your Lilly wish list?



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