Post Valentine’s Celebrations

So Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be.

Even if you don’t have a Valentine per-say, this is a great time to hang out with your girls and do something fun.

Here are some really fun things to do to celebrate Heart Day with your best friends:

  1. Cook something! – cook together or have a pot luck at one of your apartments, making one fantastic meal for everyone to enjoy with a glass of wine. There are tons of fun meal ideas on Pinterest to try!
  2. Have a glam night – get dolled up in “going out” outfits, your heels, and sparkly make out, hit a bar or a club, dance, and have a great, carefree time! What could be better than dancing with your girls?
  3. Spa day – treat yourselves to a spa day! Get facials, massages, and gossip in the sauna for a relaxing and fun time.
  4. Have a fondue/dessert night – set up fondue, get lots of great stuff to dip, play board games, and have a night full of sweet treats. Isn’t Valentine’s Day meant for chocolate?
  5. Have a movie night – pop the popcorn and get out the Diet Cokes, it’s time for a movie night! Watch your favorite love flicks like The Notebook or go old school with some Mary Kate and Ashley films! It will have you laughing and crying.

Whatever you do, make sure to celebrate with your friends! Enjoy the last of this Valentine’s season whether you love it or hate it and make it a night (or day) to remember.



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