Books on my Shelf: Love Stories

Since it’s still Valentine’s Day week (even though the holiday technically passed!) I thought it’d be fun to write about some of my favorite love novels. These portray the best love stories that I just couldn’t put down.

Here they are:

  1. Nicholas Sparks books, particularly The Best of Me, Dear John, and The Choice – sorry for being so cliche but I really love these books. I get so obsessed with them! Sparks has an amazing way of writing a love story that makes any girl swoon. These are a great book to read over and over again and the movies that go along with them are also great (but not nearly as good as the books!). I also can’t wait to see the movie Safe Haven. And as one side note…check out this awesome Levo League article about how to write like Nicholas Sparks. Love that!
  2. The Last Summer of You and Me by Ann Brashares – this is an amazing love story with so many complexities. It truly tells a great story that is sure to keep you guessing!
  3. Sarah Dessen books, particularly Along for the Ride, Just Listen, and Lock and Key – These are some of the best books that I have ever read and will always be my favorites. They all center around love and relationships and have well developed characters you can’t help but love. I haven’t read the latest one yet, but can’t wait to over spring break!
  4. The Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin – I’ve blogged about this book before, because it is one of my most recent favorites. This is a fantastic love story with so many twists and turns that you’ll be dying to know what happens next. I can’t wait to read the rest of Giffin’s books in the hopes of them being just as amazing as this one.
  5. The Man of My Dreams by Curtis Stittenfeld – this is definitely a different love story. It’s totally unique. I thought it was really great though and really interesting to read. Definitely something new when you are looking of an unconventional love story.

What are your favorite love stories? Any good recommendations?



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