Words of the Week: Love

Since I have been so focused on Valentine’s Day this week, I thought this quote was only fitting:


Even though I picked it for Valentine’s Day, I love this quote no matter what the season. The idea is so simple yet so right.

Think of how many things you do each week out of anger, jealousy, hate, or frustration. Then think of how many things you do out of love. What is the ratio like?

I know that even for myself, I need to work on doing more things out of love, happiness, and peacefulness and less out of frustration, jealously, and anger.

If I did everything out of love, everything I did would make me happy. Everything I put into the world would project positive attitude and influence, in turn, making myself happy and enriching my day to day life.

Take time this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, to do things you enjoy, be inspired by the people you love, and commit to actions that are catalyzed purely by love. Your life will undoubtedly be better from it.

Imagine how peaceful the world would be if every action done was done out of love?


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