Sorority Girl’s Guide to Recruitment

So, spring sorority recruitment is upon us. I know a lot of schools have fall formal recruitment, but Quinnipiac Panhellenic participates in the spring, so it’s definitely a crazy time.

So much has changed since my chapter’s last (and first ever!) formal recruitment. Last year I was an officer and running the show and there were definitely many unforeseen bumps in the road when it came to the weekend of recruitment. From medical emergencies to sweltering hot rooms, though, my chapter dealt with everything really well and was so resilient, managing to pull off a very successful recruitment, especially for the first one ever.

Anyways, no matter what problems you run into, this is bound to be a crazy time of Greek life. Recruitment literally makes members crazy (sometimes at least!). But, you can maintain your sanity and actually enjoy it. Here’s how:

  1. Plan ahead – recruitment is time consuming, and in order to enjoy it, it’s important to get work done ahead of time. If you don’t you will be stressing about all the work you have to do the whole time. Getting work, studying, and readings out of the way prior to recruitment started allows your mind to be relaxed and also allows you to go right to sleep once the day is over, instead of having to do work on top of a long day.
  2. Be prepared – recruitment is a crazy time and you are bound to get tired, hungry, and (ew) sweaty. Make sure that you bring a little deodorant, healthy snacks, natural energy drinks, and lots of of water with you. Also, you will be sharing lots of germs with your sisters and PNMs, so bring Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to do Airbornes and Emergen-C packets as well!
  3. Be flexible – everything may seem perfectly planned out for recruitment, but remember that things hardly ever go according to plan. When things come up, take a deep breath and remember that it’s important to be flexible and understanding of unforeseen changes and challenges. The less you stress and complain about them and the more you accommodate and accept them the easier everyone’s lives will be.
  4. It’s not about you – always remember that recruitment isn’t really about you. Yes, it’s a fun time to share with sisters and it can definitely have its trying moments. But at the end of the day, recruitment is about bettering and growing your chapter through the addition of the best possible new members that you can recruit. Put yourself and your tiredness, hunger, and worries aside. Forget about how much your cheeks hurt from smiling or how raspy your voice is from singing those beloved sorority songs. Carry out every single conversation, even if it consists of the same exact questions and responses, with the same eagerness and enthusiasm that you did for the first meet and greet of the recruitment period. Focus solely on recruiting girls that your national sorority would and will be proud to have. You owe that to your organization.
  5. Focus on your values! – the reason that we are in Greek organizations is to live by a higher standard and stand for higher values than everyone else. Being Greek is a special privilege that is accompanied by the responsibility to carry out the mission, vision, and values of your organization each and every day. Make sure that the girls you are recruiting are aware of these values and that you believe they have the motivation, desire, and potential to live up to them. We want the greatest possible girls to be the new additions to our chapters, and always remember that they will be the ones to represent your organization. The best way to find out their views on your values is to talk about them, promote them, and ask them questions about their thoughts and feelings on them. Recruitment should always be values based, no matter what.

So sing those songs, wear those coordinated outfits, and most of all enjoy this time with your sisters. At the end of it, you are going to have new girls to call your sisters and new friends to call your own, so it’s definitely a time to celebrate.

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