Baking Bonanza: Valentine’s Cookies

So I’m super excited for Valentine’s Day and it’s this week! I love how loving and fun everything about it is, and especially how everything is so…pink! (I mean, something that is totally pink can never be bad. Look at pigs…pink and perfect!).

Anyways, I have been really busy and not had a lot of time bake but got to do some early V-day baking last weekend when I was home.

I didn’t do anything crazy, just made some really yummy and cute M&M cookies with the Valentine colored chocolates. Last year, I made really adorable cookie pops that were shaped like hearts, but this year I knew I wouldn’t have time. Luckily, these M&M cookies were just as good. They might have even tasted better, actually, since they included chocolate!

I just used one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes and subbed the choco chips for M&Ms and voila! Delicious cookies that were perfect for the season.

Yummo!! What are your favorite V-day recipes?

photo copy 4

photo copy 4

photo copy 2

photo copy 3


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