Beauty Blitz: PLL Looks

This blog post is about beauty more in the sense of beautiful outfits! I know it’s something different but this post started out as a makeup one but somehow morphed into more of a fashion one!

In the process of writing a beauty blog post aboutt he makeup tips and tricks of the Pretty Little Liars actresses (because they always look perfect!), I stumbled on this really awesome Tumblr called “The Fashion of Pretty Little Liars”. Seriously, kudos to whoever is in charge of this awesome site! They have every outfit, accessory, and piece of jewelry on there worn on the show, sorted by character. It’s totally amazing!

I picked some of my favorite looks from characters Spencer, Aria, and Hanna. Spencer is not only my favorite character but the one whose style I love the most!

Here are my favorites:

Spencer in Urban Outfitters loafers:


Spencer in a Theory tank top (so preppy!):


Aria in an Anthropology dress:


Hanna in a Karen Miller ruffle tank (adorbs!):


Hanna in PJ Salvage jammies!:


Who’s your favorite character and what’s your favorite look she ever rocked?! I love the flair of these little drama gurus!


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