Words of the Week: Hidden Secrets

I am so obsessed with Roald Dahl quotes lately. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and can’t resist pinning almost every single one. There is just something about how lovely they are that really draws me in. He is obviously such a talented writer and wrote some of my favorite childhood books like The Witches (Also one of my least favorites, James and the Giant Peach. But that’s a whole different story).

Anyways, I thought this quote was totally amazing:

I mean, how true is it?! It’s totally true. And so elegantly put.

This quote serves reminder to me to always look for beauty and wonder in even the ugliest of places. Additionally, it tells me that even in the worst situations, there could be good found in them some way and some how. Finally, it is the perfect reminder that there are secrets and discoveries to made everywhere you look, not just the really obvious places. You may be totally convinced that you will find the passion that you are looking for one place, but then may come to find that what you are really looking for is where you would never expect to look for it.

This quote is a great reminder to look at everything with wonder no matter how small and seemingly boring it might be on the outside.



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