Soda Subs

I’ve been trying to not have any soda (or at least limit it to be a very special treat) because I’ve been reading so much about how bad – even diet soda – is for you.

Since I’m trying to get in better shape and be healthier, I thought it was definitely necessary to give up soda. If you know me, you’d know I have a huge obsession with Diet Coke. But surprisingly, giving up soda has not been too big of a struggle thanks to these soda subs:

  1. “Ice Water” – not regular ice water (although that is the best soda sub!) but the brand of it. This is a sparkling drink that comes in a variety of flavors and has no calories. The flavors are totally delicious! I love the lemon lime one and pink grapefruit.
  2. Crystal light – I love these packets to pour in my drink, especially when on the go. They are totally sweet and delicious and also have zero calories! I love the pink lemonade flavor and fruit punch. I also love how you can get them in flavors that promote energy and are filled with anti-oxidants.
  3. Seltzer – I never really liked seltzer before but I’ve definitely acquired a taste for it. I like the lime flavor the best and it’s definitely good if you want something carbonated but are staying away from soda.
  4. Metro mint water – I am a huge mint fan and I absolutely love this drink. It has no calories and tastes so good since it is infused with a subtle hint of mint. Definitely a great soda sub when you’re craving something besides water.
  5. Hint water – this isn’t my favorite soda sub but it’s definitely good. This comes in a bunch of different flavors than other soda subs do. I like the watermelon and raspberry lime flavors best! Yum!

What are your favorite soda subs when you’re trying to avoid sugary drinks like soda?

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