Monday Getaway: Sanibel

Probably my favorite place on earth is Sanibel Island, Florida. My family and I have endless amazing memories there from when my sister and I were growing up until last summer! We’ve been there so many times and it is such a great vacation spot that I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad time there.

First of all, the beaches are awesome. There are more shells than you’ve ever seen in your life, which I love. Shelling with my family is always so much fun. We’ve collected so many shells there over the years and you can find them all over our house!

I also love the shopping and restaurants there. We have so many favorite spots!

Finally, I love how relaxing it is there. We always have such relaxing vacations there where we lounge on the beach, read, eat great food, shop a lot, and laugh a ton. It is truly a great family place that I will never, ever get tired of visiting.

 What’s your favorite vacation spot ever? Why do you love it so much?





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