Fitness Frenzy: Motivation Boards

I have been trying to work out almost every day and get in better shape. There are so many great benefits to exercise, from the obvious ones of getting fit, losing weight, and looking better to the more subtle and unexpected ones of it boosting your mood, improving brain power, and enhancing self discipline skills. It has also been helping me set a good and healthy routine and think more consciously about what I’m eating.

Anyways, this week I saw a fabulous idea on Pinterest. Someone shared how they made “motivation boards” to further motivate them to work out and stay in a fitness regime. I thought this was really awesome! Right now, on my wall I just have a few little print outs of graphics to motivate me to be fit – little quotes like “You’re one workout away from a good mood” and things like that. They do motivate me but I totally love the idea of these motivation boards! The one below has really cute stuff on it.

I think when I make one I will do a calendar where each day I set a fitness goal and then highlight in one color if I met it, in another if I did not. Also, I will probably post inspirational quotes and graphics like I currently have on my wall.

I would also like to do something to remind me to hydrate adequately – maybe eight little glasses of water that I could move from the top to the bottom each day as I drank them? I don’t know…I have to think of ideas for that one!

Lastly, I would love to put one big quote to motivate me in fun, colorful letters that would always remind me to work out and stay fit and never give up on my goals!

What would you put on your motivation board?

motivation board


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