Enjoyment Challenge

So my dad recently had a really great blog idea for me. The best part about it is that it can be seasonal, for holidays, or just because. It’s definitely a post that can be used over and over again and be done from so many different angels, which is awesome!

The whole idea is to share something that is really useful and enjoyable under certain circumstances. The twist is that there’s a price limit on this thing.

So let’s say that we’re talking about something that is really useful and enjoyable during the winter time. But, it can only be something that cost up to or less than $50. And the point is that you want to share something that gives you enjoyment the whole season long.

It’s really fun to think of something to fit this description, but it’s also a challenge. There are so many things that give enjoyment but don’t really last too long – like a delicious peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks or a good book to read by the fire.

After a lot of thinking, though, I finally discovered my wintertime item that gives me happiness that lasts all season long.

This is a super useful item, I use it every day – multiple times! This item is none other than my bathrobe!

A good old fuzzy bathrobe is a wintertime must for warmth and comfort. I got mine for Christmas and wearing it all the time – when I get out of the shower, just lounging around the house, when I get up in the morning, over my pajamas before I go to bed. It keeps me warm and cozy and is super comfortable, thus giving me lots of use and tons of enjoyment! This is definitely a wintertime essential that fits this enjoyment challenge.

So now, I challenge you – what item this winter is one that gives you long lasting enjoyment? I’d love to hear all about it!



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