Paper, Please: Paper Source

So, I’m totally obsessed with Paper Source!


I’ve been on their site a ton of times, but we just got one in the town next to us. Since I’m home this weekend I was so excited to go there. I got some stuff to do Valentine crafts with (stay tuned!) and loved just about everything in the store!

This definitely isn’t an ordinary stationery store as they have walls and walls of cards and also walls and walls of giant sheets of fine paper. There are tons of amazing patterns and colors from stripes to chevrons to florals to glittered to solids to zebra. I loved all of them! Here is what one of the beautiful paper walls looks like:


I also completely loved all the gift wrap they had! So many fun patterns and colors to make any gift look completely amazing.

Another great aspect of the store is that they have several walls of solid colored blank cards in different styles and sizes as well as envelopes for them. This is so useful for if you’re doing homemade cards! Amazing!

Yet another thing I loved was that they have a whole wall of fun stamps in letters, numbers, animals, words, and just about everything you could imagine and ever need! So cute and fun. How fun would it be to craft with those!

They also have tons of fun little knick-knacks, craft kits, gift bags, and a bunch of other things.

And not to mention the actual stationery. Oh em gee! They have awesome stationery sets, calendars, and gift cards. I couldn’t even look at them all because I was so overwhelmed by the amazingness of it all. I can’t wait to go back to look at it all again!

Here are some of my favorites: their macaroon pattern and nautical cards:





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