As Seen on Pinterest: Chevron

I am so totally obsessed with chevron lately. It is just popping up everywhere on Pinterest and I have to say, I am loving it!

It is such a simple pattern but one that is totally chic and stylish. It also has a lot of possibilities – color combinations, textures, and so one. I really love that aspect of it and how preppy it is overall, of course.

Since I’ve been so chevron crazed, here are some of the best chevron Pins I’ve seen lately!

Chevron crafting:

I love these printable chevron boxes for a gift to someone! Can’t wait to try them:


I am obsessed with these glitter boards, especially the navy blue/gold color combination! I can’t wait to try to make these!:


 Chevron items:

What could be better than chevron bedding! (the answer is Chevron bedding from Pottery Barn!):


This phone case is a great way to take this beloved pattern everywhere you go!:


Chevron decor:

Love these pillows! Also, love the color combination of pink and champagne!:


Obsessing over these! What a fun house accent! What do you think?!:


What are your thoughts on chevron? Can’t get enough of it or not so much about it?


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