Preppy Product: Blue Times Two

As you all definitely know by now, I’m totally obsessed with monograms. In my world, everything should be monogrammed (well, almost everything!). Anyways, that is why I love the shop Blue Times Two!

This shop has tons of great monogrammed items, most of them in the form of decals.

I have the phone charger decal as well as the mini ones in my monogram, and I love them!

Especially the phone charger one, it is great for when I’m at home because not only does it make my charger look adorable, it also helps me tell mine apart from the rest of my family’s. We are always mixing up our chargers and can never find our own, so this has been a stylish and convenient solution!

I also totally adore the monogrammed market tote. What a great way to be green, preppy, and stylish all in one!

These items add simple life pleasures to your day-to-day life, as I love seeing my little monogram on my laptop and other random places! Blue Times Two has great items, great prices, and overall is totally worth a shop!





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