Flat Out Adorable

Flats are probably my favorite shoes (besides sandals!) to wear. They are just such a classic look that will never go out of style. Not to mention there are so many gorgeous flats with bows on them – which I love.

Anyways, they are definitely a shoe staple. The best part of them is that you can get flats that are so simple and standard or you can find ones that are trendy, chic, and meant to stand out and make a huge statement.

The ones I’ve showed below are just some of the many, many options that are out there. Another great thing about flats is that if you take good care of them, they will last you a long time! I have great brown and black flats that I’ve had forever and still wear all the time, and a bunch of them even have bows on them! Score!

I love how flats look with skinny jeans, cropped jeans or pants, a skirt and tights, or even a dress. They are undoubtedly a very versatile piece that you will wear over, and over, and over again and love every time!

Each time you wear them, though, they will add something new and fun to your outfit – I guarantee it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 1.24.10 PM

J.Crew Flats | AE Flats | Gap Flats | Kate Spade Flats | Jack Rogers Flats | Old Navy Flats | Jessica Simpson Flats | Sperry Topsider Flats


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