Coffee, Coffee…Buzz, Buzz

I am totally obsessed with coffee. It is just one of the most amazing and delicious things in the entire world and I most likely could not live without it.

My mom is also obsessed with coffee and drinks it all the time. We could both drink it up until the moment before we went to bed and it would never, ever keep us up. We also both drink it black. You see, we used to drink it very, very light and very, very sweet. Then we went on this cleanse and had to cut out sugar and dairy, but there was no way that we were cutting out coffee all together. Thus, we started drinking it black and realized it isn’t all that bad! Plus, it’s much healthier that way.

That isn’t to say, though, that I don’t occasionally throw in a splash of cream and one Splenda into my coffee on a long day!

Anyways, coffee is just something I have been obsessed with for a while and probably always will be. I’m a big Dunkin’ Donuts lover especially for their iced coffee (coconut) and I also like Starbucks. I will drink coffee from most anywhere, really. It’s just that good and that important.

I am trying to break the habit of having coffee first every morning and substituting with two bottles of water before I get coffee to encourage good hydration. It is working out pretty well, as long as I don’t wait to long for that caffeine fix.

As mentioned before, coconut coffee is my favorite. It is so tropical and…um, delicious! I am also a big fan of coffee flavored ice cream and used to love the Ben & Jerry’s coffee flavor with chocolate chips mixed in but now I can’t find it anywhere! Huge bummer!

To sum it up, I love this drink no matter what way it’s served!

What’s your favorite way to drink coffee?



he loves coffee too!

he loves coffee too!


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