Paper, Please!: Index Cards

One of the most useful pieces of stationery is actually index cards! You wouldn’t think this, but you can use them for so many different things.

By the way, I love the white ones that are blank on both sides because I feel like I can never write in the lines and the blank ones have many, many more possibilities to them.

One of the most common uses I have for them is to make flashcards while studying. This sounds totally juvenile but it really works for me and I’ve been making them forever.

There are also ways to use them that doesn’t involve school work at all.

One of the best ways to use them is to make small lists. From to-do lists to lists of things to buy, and so on, they are great for this!

index card

photo copy 3

Another great way to use them is for inspiration. You’re probably thinking, how in the world can an index card inspire me? It’s not so much the index card itself that can be truly inspiring, but more, what’s on it! I love writing inspiring quotes on them every week and putting them on my wall:


photo copy

Another useful way to use these cards is to take quick notes (like when you’re on the phone) or jot down simple reminders. Here’s one I made the other day:

photo copy 4

What’s your favorite use for index cards?! The possibilities are endless!


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