Best of Break

Break is officially over and I’m back at school ready for a great semester.

However, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on how great break was!

Here were my favorite things:

Christmas – duh! It was a great day with friends and family. I loved all the things surrounding Christmas as well, from baking to gift wrapping to gingerbread cookie decorating!



IMG_2481 (1)

Internship – what a great opportunity. I learned so much and met great people. The best part of all is that I learnt so much about myself as a worker and gained more insight on what I want to do after graduation.

Friends & Family – by far the best thing about being home was just enjoying time with my friends and family, being silly with my sister, and having all that awesome quality time with everyone. It is so special and irreplaceable to make those memories and spend that time.


My dogs – this is a no brainer. They’re cute and cuddly and I miss them so much when I’m at school!


Champagne – I feel like I drank so much champagne this break and it was so deviantly delicious.


What were your favorite things over the holiday season?


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