One of the coolest and most useful accessories, in my opinion, is croakies.

I mean, they’re so useful, especially in the summer time!

In case you are unaware of what these are – they are the little things you attach to sunglasses so that you can wear them around your neck.

I recently received the best pair of croakies ever! They from a new company called Cotton Snaps and they are so great for several reasons.

First of all, they are magnetic in the back so you don’t need to pull them over your head, and rather you can just put them on like a necklace. This is so useful especially to girls because…hello!? Our hair!

Next, they are nice and thin yet still really cute. I have a pair from Marley Lilly which first of all were delivered dirty (that’s really bad business!) and also are super thick…which I don’t think is as aesthetically pleasing as thin ones.

Another big plus is that they are American made. Enough said.

Also…they’re seer sucker. Once again…enough said.

This company has a ton of really cute options for guys or girls when it comes to this adorable and awesome accessory.

These are a staple of your summer wardrobe and a necessary accessory for any pair of sunglasses.

I can’t wait to wear mine on vacation in March and all summer long!





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