Beauty Blitz: Eyebrows

One of my friends and I always talk about eyebrows. I know, it’s a really weird topic. But she’s completely obsessed with getting her eyebrows done and it’s her pet peeve when others don’t groom theres.

I definitely have eyebrows that are annoying and need to get them waxed and then pluck them every single day in between or else they get totally out of control. My sister’s brows are the same way.

While I always get mine waxed and utilize the tweezers in between, a lot of people I know get their brows threaded. I’ve heard from one friend that this feels good and another that it was the worst pain she’s ever felt in her life.

I’m sure that the actual pain level is somewhere in between that. What I’m not sure about, though, is which is longer lasting and better for your skin. I’ve read a lot about both, and to me they seem pretty equal.

No matter what method you use, though, in between salon visits I know that I definitely need to do some eyebrow maintenance. I use tweezers, manicure scissors, q-tips, and a little eyebrow brush to keep mine in shape and trimmed. This eyebrow brush from Sephora is a great one!

I try to trim by brows and pluck stray hairs right when I get out of the shower because that’s when your hair follicles are most open and it is easiest to extract hairs then.

What’s your take on eyebrow grooming? What’s your routine?



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