Words of the Week: Can vs Can’t

It’s the start of a new semester and I am so excited and happy to be settling into a new routine. Winter break was so much fun and I did a lot, but I’m really excited for spring semester.

Fall brought along its own set of challenges, joys, triumphs and failures and all-around was a great semester. One of the greatest thing about it was that I met so many of the goals that I set for myself.

It was definitely a successful semester, which is exactly what I’m hoping to have this term.

Having a positive attitude throughout these next four months and remembering that success starts with the thought of “I can” is key. There have been so many times that mere doubt has belittled my expectations and discouraged me from going after the success I desired. I am determine to break myself of “I can’t” and fill my heart and mind with only “Cans” when it comes to meeting my goals, achieving what I want to achieve, and moving forward in life.

I love this quote and the visual with it because it’s so true and such a great reminder that when you put your mind to it anything is possible and also that attitude is everything:




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