As Seen on Pinterest: Glitter

So I wanted to start doing something fun called “As Seen on Pinterest”. Since I spend an embarrassing amount of time on that site and seem to find so many great ideas there, I thought this would be a great way to share them and also learn about all your Pinterest-inspired ideas, projects, and passions!

Recently on Pinterest I’ve seen so many glitter-inspired ideas, crafts…even foods! It’s crazy. I think glitter is really fun and a great addition to any girls’ life in almost any possible way! (Side note: glitter was not allowed in my house when my sister and I were children because one time we decided to spread glitter glue all over the basement. After that…we did not see glitter for a long, long time).

Anyways, like I said, I’ve seen a bunch of fun glitter ideas that I definitely want to try out in the near future.

Here are two glitter crafts I want to try:

  • Glitter phone charger – how fun is this! What a great way to glam up an otherwise dull but necessary item. This way, you’ll never mix up which charger is yours (which always happens when I’m at home) and it will just look super chic. The only thing about this is that I’ll probably do it to a charger I know I’m always going to leave plugged in somewhere. I don’t want to take a glittered charger in my bag because it will leave a trail of sparkles…well…everywhere!


  • Glittered champagne bottle – whoever posted this is a genius! Not only do I love champagne, but I’m totally in love with this idea. What a great way to give a gift bottle and have it look totally glam without even having to wrap it! Amazing!


This is definitely strange, but I can’t wait to try this glittery food  accessory:

  • Edible glitter – I have no idea who thought of this, but it’s awesome! Glitter you can eat!? Sign me up. I can’t wait to try this for decorating cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and other baked goods.


Finally, this glitter quote speaks for itself! How true!:


Have you seen anything totally amazing and sparkly on Pinterest lately? Please share!


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