Baking Bonanza: A Delicious Combo

The other day, I was in a mood to bake (what else is new!?) so I tried a new recipe I’d found on Pinterest.

I was really excited about it, as it combined two of my favorite desserts: chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Doesn’t that sound so delicious?!

So, I used this recipe and followed the exact directions. The recipe was really simple and quick and I had a lot of fun baking, like I always do. Here’s what they looked like before being baked:


When I put my creation in the oven I was so excited to see how it would turn out.

When I took it out of the oven, although it didn’t look as great as it did on the site, it still smelled really great. My family was excited to try it and after dinner, I cut each of us a piece.

It turned out well and tasted good. I will say that the brownie part turns out very fudgy, so you do have to eat it with a fork. Keep in mind that for that reason, this isn’t a treat to bring somewhere like to work where you’re going to have to worry about forks and plates and all that.

But, one major bonus of making this is that there was extra cookie dough, so not only did we have brownies we also ended up with yummy cookies!

Overall, though, it was yummy! Something I’d definitely make again when looking for a double whammy of desserts smooshed into one!

Do you have any crazy combo recipes that turn out well? Tell me about them!


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