Paper, Please!: Back to School

So, after a long (and really great!) break it’s time for me to go back to school! I can’t believe break is over but at the same time I am excited to get back to school and get into a routine with my new schedule and start new classes.

Anyways, since it’s time to go back to school, that means back to school shopping!

Of course I needed a bunch of new school supplies since it’s a new semester. This is super exciting since I love shopping for school supplies and paper products (as I’m sure you’ve gathered at this point).

So, off to Staples I went to get new stuff! I try to keep it really simple for my classes, I really don’t get involved with anything fancy when it comes to notebooks and folders and stuff.

I will say that I didn’t need to get new folders, though, since I have a bunch of super cute Lilly ones back at school.

That being said, here’s what I bought:

  1. Legal pads – legal pads are the best to have around at all times! I got a bunch. Some of them are a special layout for specific products and then I got some regularly lined ones and also graph paper ones (these are my favorite). Staples had a bunch of these on sale and they all had really cute patterns on the top or bottom which was really exciting!
  2. Little note pads – Staples also had these on sale so I got a few. You never know when you’ll need them and these were also really adorable!
  3. Colored marker-pens – I don’t really know how to describe these, because they’re a cross between a marker and a pen. I was going to get Sharpie Ultra Fine Point markers like I usually do, but I saw these Paper Mate Flair writing utensils which were sold in a pack and on sale, so I decided to try them out. I love them and they are so nice to write with! Also, they don’t bleed through paper and don’t smudge. Finally, the colors are great for color-coding. Triple win!
  4. Notebooks – I stick to basic, college ruled, solid colored, one subject notebooks for my classes. Boring but they work!
  5. Index cards – a must!! I use these for flashcards while studying, short lists, and presentations. I always need to have ample index cards to feel secure.
  6. Pens – I just get basic, black pens. Again, boring.
  7. Highlighters – even though I have about ten packages of these stacked up at my dorm, I always buy more because I use them all the time.
  8. Pencils – I always get the same pencils, because they are my favorite. They’re Bic mechanical ones which have a black and white stripe on the grips. They’re the best because they’re mechanical and you don’t have to sharpen them and they also don’t squeak like some mechanical pencils do.

I also got a few random things like printer paper and loose leaf paper. Ya know, standard stuff. But everything else I mentioned was the important stuff.

Now that I’m armed and ready to get back to class, I’m excited to begin my new courses.

What are your back to school essentials? Do you have any favorite office supplies?

back to school


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