Vintage Vera

Every girl knows what Vera Bradley is, and you see it popping up everywhere. I see girls wearing it at school, at the mall, at airports, at work, or just on the street carrying a bag! It is definitely super popular and undoubtedly super cute.

These totes, bags, duffels, and accessories are great to use for just about anything! From the hanging organizer to the sunglass case, they really have thought of everything. But there was a time that Vera Bradley was not as large as a company or as popular.

In fact, my sister and I have had Vera for longer than I can remember. We got Vera backpacks way back in the day, before everyone became Vera crazy. I still have my first piece, see below:


I love that pink pattern and my sister has it in purple. As soon as we got those backpacks, we were obsessed. We started getting Vera stuff all the time and always using it for everyday use and especially for traveling.

Now, we both have tons of these items, from cosmetic cases to duffels, which we use endlessly, just like everyone else. But, I love knowing that we had Vera before it was popular. We are quite the trendsetters, aren’t we?!

What was your first Vera piece? What pattern is your favorite? My number one pick ever is Hope Garden!


another oldie but goodie!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Vera

  1. I have a backpack just like that of Vera. It is not of those patterns but one that must be about 10-12 yrs old at least. I used this backpack until my husband said not to because it was looking way worn. The snap portion of it is almost coming off too. Love it.

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