Beauty Blitz: A Spoonful of Sugar

Recently I started using a delicious sugar scrub from Bath & Body Works. I bought it on a whim because it smelled tropical and was on sale, and it turns out that now I really like it!

Since I love this one so much, I am considering which other ones I’d like to try. I am currently scrubbing with one of B&B Works’ Aromatherapy ones – it is called “Boost” and smells like mandarin and other tropical scents, and is meant to boost your mood. It works really well for exfoliation purposes and I love the way it makes me smell.

I have been looking into a few other scrubs and am dying to try the ones from Lush. These are handheld scrubbers that you either rub on your body or break off a piece to use while in the shower. This one is preservative free and I bet smells great!

There are also a ton for sale on Etsy, which are all probably really nice because they are handmade and undoubtedly all natural. I can’t wait to try those!

Finally, I really love the Body Shop and especially love the scent of Mango. Therefore, I can’t wait to try their mango body scrub that is meant to soothe dry skin. Especially in the winter, this is very important!

I have also been seeing so many homemade sugar scrub recipes on Pinterest. I am hesitant to try these because I feel like they could make my skin breakout, but they also would be really natural since I know everything that is being put into them. I think it could be fun to make one and see how it turns out what do you think?

sugar scrub

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