Another Organization Update!

So this past weekend I did a lot more work when it came to meeting my organization goals that I set at the beginning of the New Year.

Just look at all the progress I am making on my “To-Organize” list!:

I went for the big she-bang over the weekend and cleaned out my closet. You have to understand that I have not cleaned out my closet in probably three years. Also, I have always been someone to save things that I definitely would never use again. That means that when I cleaned this weekend, I found things from years ago. I’m talking, ticket stubs from baseball games and movies I saw in 2003! Crazy!

Anways, I started out cleaning out my massive section of bags, purses, tote bags, and duffels. This wasn’t so difficult and I got rid of some old bags I didn’t need anymore.

Next I worked on the top shelf. This took a little more time and there was a lot of garbage there.

Finally, this is what I worked on:


I don’t know how my clothes piled up like this. I mean, I guess it started with just throwing one thing there haphazardly and then it became a habit. Eventually, those occasional clothing throws became this monster.

It definitely took a good amount of time to weed through all of that, hang it up, and sort it out, but I got it done. Many trash bags later, a trip to the store for hangers, and a visit to one of those clothes donation bins later, it’s done.

Now I am so relieved at how clean my closet is! Also, I am fully committed to keeping it this way! Take a look:




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