Preppy Product: Calling all Greeks

CEA Monograms offers cute, high quality, simplistic monogrammed and personalized clothing. I love all of these products as they are very well made and not to mention super cute!

I love the monogrammed quarter zips that the shop features, and it is awesome how there is the Greek lettered option for those in sororities! I love this option more than getting a sweatshirt with huge letters across it.

The long-sleeved sorority pocket tees are another adorable option for any classy Greek lady. I mean, what a great way to showcase your letters in a simple and subtle way?! We all can admit that we have tons and tons of lettered t-shirts we ordered off of Greek Gear in our drawers and even more freebie sorority event t-shirts in our closets. So, why not jazz it up a bit with one of these long sleeve t’s that still sport your letters but offer a more mature and unique look?

Obviously all of the monogram items in this shop are amazing, but the lettered items are not to be dismissed as they are a great alternative if you’re looking for something new with letters! Check out CEA Monograms not only to fill your monogram needs but also to load up on Greek goods! Monograms and letters in the same spot? What could be better?!

quarter zip

crewneck sweatshirt


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