Work Desk Organization

When you start a new job or internship, one of the most fun things about it (at least I think) is getting your new desk or work space ready and organized.

At my winter internship, I have a ton of space which is really nice (I even have my own little closet!). Therefore, I had a bit of organizing to do during my first week.

There were certain things I definitely needed to have at my desk and some I just wanted for convenience. Having everything you want and need is a great way to have a fabulous work day and make going to your job so much more enjoyable.

Check out my work desk musts (separated by drawer):


  1. Pens and pencils – I mean, obviously. I just have my whole Vera pencil case with me, in the first drawer for easy access. In there I have pens (black ink only), mechanical and old fashioned pencils (sharpened), yellow and pink highlighters, and a few ultra fine point Sharpie markers. I also keep an extra lip balm in there.
  2. Tissues – you don’t want to be that annoying person in the office sniffling! These are in the top drawer for easy access as well.
  3. Napkins – for when I eat lunch at my desk or snack, there are always spare napkin in my top drawer.
  4. Headphones – I like to listen to music sometimes when doing work, it helps me tune everything else out and focus.
  5. Paperclips – These are in the top drawer next to the easy to grab pens and highlighter. I use these a lot whenever I’m organizing papers.
  6. Chapstick – this is a must in the first drawer because I apply it all day long!
  7. Hand sanitizer – also a top drawer must. There are a lot of germs going around the office and I don’t want to catch them!
  8. Snacks – I keep simple snacks in the top drawer like raisins and granola bars. Having your stomach grumbling for everyone in the office to hear would be a litttttleeee embarrassing!
  9. Gum – for after lunch breathe! The onions in that salad don’t need to be noticed after lunch hours are over.
  10. Cough drops – just in case.
  11. Post-it notes – I keep these in the top drawer because I use them all the time to write lists or reminders to myself or important info.
  12. Notepads and  Notebooks – these go in the second drawer and obviously are used quite a bit
  13. Folders – also in the second drawer, good for organizing papers
  14. Files – these, filled with any important papers or information, go in the final drawer and I leave lots of space for those and keep them very organized in case I ever need to pull any of them out.
  15. Phone charger – I always bring a phone charger with me to work and leave it on top of my desk
  16. To-go cup – I leave a water cup and straw on top of my desk to fill every day throughout the work day to stay hydrated and healthy. This is much easier and economical than bringing water bottles to work each day.
  17. Planner – My planner is always on top of my desk in case I need to jot anything down, such as a meeting time, assignment, or appointment. Besides my computer, this is probably the most important thing on my desk!

Clearly I have a lot of desk needs, but these items make for much convenience at work.

What are your desk musts?


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