Monday Getaway: Lone Star State

Some of our best and oldest family friends, who used to be our neighbors, lived in Dallas for a little while. Actually, they lived in a suburb of Dallas, but close enough.

We went several times to visit them and always had a blast. Besides the company being great, it is also an amazing place to visit.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas”, and I’m sure that is true. I mean, the land space is definitely bigger, the state itself is huge, and it’s filled with big houses, big sports, and big spirits.

However, the sense I got from being there is that there is just more of everything. More places to shop, more restaurants to eat at, more things to do…more of everything. We went to so many great malls, ate great food, and saw beautiful things when we were there.

Being there is truly like being on a different planet because everything is so nice, the feeling is so different, and the state of mind is completely estranged from the “Go, go, go” mantra that we live by here in New England.

I had such great times when I was there that I always wish to go back. It is truly a great place to visit and I’m sure an awesome place to live. I can’t wait to go back someday and explore even more of Texas.

Have you ever been there? What is your favorite state you’ve ever visited?



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