Baking Bonanza: Staple Goodies

This past week, I had the craving to do some baking. This is definitely not unusual for me, since baking is one of my favorite activities.

It was weird, though, actually. Because usually, when I am anxious and excited to bake, it is to bake something new and exciting that I discovered on Pinterest. This time, however, I was looking to bake some of the most classic and staple recipes in my book.

My sister wanted to bake Peanut Butter Blossoms all week, so we finally made them. We use a recipe given to us a while ago by a family friend and make them from scratch. They always turn out so well and I love the creaminess of them and the chocolate-peanut butter combination (surely a match made in heaven).

Another staple is chocolate chip cookies. There are several great recipes I use for these, and they almost always turn out so great. I also have some tips and tricks up my sleeve for making them come out certain ways, for example extra soft. In my opinion, chocolate chip cookies are highly underrated and a food staple, not just a baking staple.

I did try one new recipe that I found on Pinterest, in the hopes of it turning into a new signature piece. They are double chocolate cookies with M&Ms in them. Easy, simple, and pretty good. I see many of these in my future.

More of my favorite baking staples are banana bread, the famous homemade Oreos, Italian Anisette cookies, belly buttons, and iced sugar cookies.  I’ve also been a big fan of making homemade cornbread lately. What are your go-to recipes?




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