Paper, Please: A Guide to To-Do Lists

If you’re anything like me, you obsessively make lists.

There are so many lists floating through my planner, around my work desk, on my cork board, and even in my head.

I make to do lists, lists of things I need, lists of things I want, goal lists, resolution lists – sometimes even lists of my lists (not kidding).

In short, I make and keep a lot of lists.

Anyways, there are many, many ways to keep lists. Everyone has a different organization system and their own preferences when it comes to doing things like this.

I, of course, have my own personal system.

Usually, I make my lists on long paper from those long magnetic pads. I have really cute ones that either have my initials or something cute on them. I even have a bunch of holiday ones, like a pad specifically for Halloween.

I almost always write my lists in Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent marker (these are one of my favorite writing utensils!).  I use the same marker to cross things off as they are completed.

So, I make my lists on that paper and color code everything in order of priority (if it is a to-do list, which I make almost every day). Items highlighted in yellow are of high priority; items highlighted in orange are of medium priority; and items highlighted in blue or of low priority for the day. This is an important system for me, because things don’t always cross my mind in order of importance, thus the way they get written down is all jumbled. Being able to look at the list and immediately see what is most important is a great reminder to me to do everything in yellow first, then move on to the next category, then the next.

After the list is completed, I put it in my planner for the day attached with a paperclip on the day that it applies to. This way, every time I am writing in my planner I can review what needs to be done that day and it also is a great place to put it to add to it.

Whenever I am at school, once I’m done with classes for the day and back at my room, I tape my to-do list for the day on the wall right next to my desk. Having it in plain sight is the best motivator and reminder.

Then, once I do that, I simply complete tasks and cross them off as I go! Usually my to-do lists are separated into separate lists, for example, a list for school work, one for personal stuff, one for blogging, and so on. Finally, there are everyday tasks on a list that I keep taped to my wall and don’t cross things off of or highlight as they need to be done every day, for instance making my bed or taking medicine.

Like I said, everyone has different systems when it comes to list keeping! Dry erase boards for lists are also really cute as well as useful, like this one from Etsy.

There are so many different systems for to-do lists, and all of them work for different people! What’s your system?


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